Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Toy

So I know I need to find better use of my time when I found myself disappointed, after walking around the house and can't find any mosquitos. Last week when I was at Holly's place for dinner, she had this thing that looked like a tennis racket that killed mosquitoes. I have been looking for one the past week. Well today I found it :) Three dollar bought me relief for bug and seemingly countless hours of fun! How the racket work is you turn it on and swing it, when you get one, it zaps it! Lots of fun. I carried it all around the house. When I went to the bathroom and didn't get any bugs I was upset:) Instead of normally I would have been excited. It's the little things that make the day!!
Today was pretty good. I got to teach pricing a recipe, how to set menu prices and finding food cost. It was challenging at first, because the girls do not have good basic math skills. After a hour of blank stairs, I let them use a calculator. We made great progress after that. I told them they could use the calculators, but every morning before cooking we will have 10 basic math questions todo. Yup, math is important in cooking and in succeeding in life. This is why I will be putting this into practice. We will start with multination tables, and add/subtraction big numbers tomorrow, then work on division, then decimals. It might not be good for them that I really enjoy math and numbers. But they were very eager to learn once I showed them profit one he menu item. I have found they are very stimulated by money, like many Americans.
Tonight I had Holly over for dinner. It's nice being able to connect with other Americans through out the week. Holly has been working with a NGO here for the past four years. She's able to share advice, while laughing at those "I've been there moments."
Well I better head to bed I have an early math lesson in the morning, plus it will give plenty of time for the mosquitoes to replenish ;)

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