Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Lot to Learn

I have learned a ton in just a week.  First off I think I worried a little much about Chris and the video guy.  It was alright. The girls didn’t talk much, so then they wanted me to. Which is alright but I have never liked being in front of a camera. I think he was able to get some good shots of the girls cooking.
This week I spent most of my afternoons and mornings before class meeting and talking with builders. We have alittle bit of work that needs to be done on the site before the restaurant can open. Some of those things are an inside bar area, this will be in the dining room. Smoothies and coffee drinks will be made at the bar; there will also be stools around the outside, like a soda fountain shop. We also have to create outdoor seating. Then in the back of the lot there are some restrooms that need some work. I was able to choose a builder who I feel is right for us. We wrote up a contract Friday, will pay deposit on Monday and building should start Tuesday or Wed. I will post pictures of the progress!!
As far as cooking and teaching the girls, it’s going great. Last week we made Chorizo, Crepes, banana bread, Slice Bread, Biscuits and gravy, French toast, pancake, tortillas, chips and salsa. Most of these things were review from other chefs, who has came in to teach. I wanted to see how much they retained. I was very surprised they remembered most of it. I mentioned in my last update that there was some trouble with the first time we made biscuits. That story is we were making several breads that day, once the dough for each of the breads was made, I asked the girls if they knew how to bake each of the breads. They ensured me that they did, so I needed a few things from the market. I left them to continue. When I returned about 15-20 minutes later, I found perfectly bakes white bread and banana bread. I started looking for the biscuits, and I find them over bake almost rock like. When I asked them what happened they just looked at me, so I asked again. I was told they forgot them. They had been outside messing around instead of being in the kitchen keeping track of what was in the oven. This was the first time I had to fuss at them. I explained that we had to focus and we would be doing them over the next day, but we were still going to eat the overcooked ones J Friday the biscuits turned out great and were a lot more enjoyable at lunch.

I think me fussing at them was a great point of building relationships with them. Ever since they have much more open, smiling, and wanting to know more about me.  It’s a slow process, but a vital part!!

The cooking plan for next week is.
Mon: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Tues: Mac N Cheese and Vinaigrettes
Wed: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Thurs: Fries and Chips

At night I have been able to meet with some local restaurant/café owners. They have been very helpful in learning where to find products or equipment. Also sharing how to deal and relate to the girls. Most of these cafes are doing the sometime we are doing, taking the under privileged and give a hand up. I have a few more places I need to hit up this week.

So yesterday I was informed today that all the girls I'm working with come from a Buddhist families. I was unsure if any of them were Christian or not. Tradition and following the ways of the family is very important to Cambodian people, which makes the transformation to Christianity is even more difficult. A positive to this is unlike in America when someone 'becomes a Christian' then do well for awhile then fall away, here once the decision is made they become a follower for life. 

I knew that I have my work cut out for me in the cooking/restaurant side of this, but now my eyes have been opened to the spiritual side of things!! Please be in prayer that I will not pass up any opportunity and that I will be a constant reflection or Jesus' love. Also that I do not let myself get in the way and I'll fully rely on the Holy Spirit to work!!

 Slice Bread and Banana Bread

Fire where we roasted Hotdogs

 Nimol learding how to sharpen a knife

 Sapona Birthday Cake

Sapona with her Birthday gift.

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