Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 14 and 15

Dec 14
I meet with a guy about Internet for the house, he also sales pos systems, we will need one of these when the restaurant opens. He took me to a restaurant to see how theirs works.

I went to one of the orphanages where some of the girls stay, meet with the director about them growing us vegetables.

The builder came and dropped off stuff and will start tomorrow. I had let his wife try some stuff when I meet with them the last time, she placed an order for a party she is having next week.

We worked on French fries, chips, and mac n cheese. I also taught math and how to price a recipe.
Chips- Need different seasoning, But were great!

 Mac N Cheese



Until I got home and sat in my chair did I realize how draining today was. I'm not really sure why today. It's not like today was a bad day, actually it was prob one of the best so far. We made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It wasnt Carolyn Carries but it was pretty good. We found the perfected ripeness of the bananas for banana bread. Once the girls learn how to do something, they ask to make it all the time. The talk with one of the girls that I was dreading went much better than expected. Went to cafe Gecko for dinner and down time. Which was wonderful!! I had the red chicken burrito and a lime mint freeze. It was a nice night not too hot with a slight breeze. Since I was really enjoying sitting there read a book, I ordered a Oreo blizzard (more like a milkshake but really good).  After getting quite a bit of reading done, I finished the day by picking up my wonderfully washed, dried, and folded laundry!! Most of you know my love for laundry ;) haha. This alone would make a bad day become good. So all that combined it was a really good day. Now you understand why I'm confused about why I feel the day completely draining.


Lime Mint Freeze- One of the best things I have had here.

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