Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Home Home

After arriving in Cambodia I sent the first day in Phnom Penh. I met Katy and Allen; they are also working with CGI in country. They are very nice and its wonderful having them as connections here. The next morning Chris and I have a wonderful breakfast at the Imperial Hotel then headed out to Battambang. After five hour bumpy ride (the road is quite washed out because of recent flooding) we arrive to beautiful smiling faces. Once we greet everyone we got straight to work taking thru the layout of the dining room and smoothie/coffee bar. Then we get in ‘my’ Tuk Tuk to see my apartment/home.          

The Tuk Tuk is super nice, this will be the way I get around town.  The door on the left will be my room, the one on the right is currently a second apartment that we will use for guest. We are hoping the owner will let us open the two units up and make a larger space. This would give me more room, have separate bedroom and living room, and will still have room for guest to stay.
After looking around, we make a list of everything I need and set out to find them. First buy, a fridge.

As I begin to adjust to Cambodia culture, I quickly figure out that we would not be able to shop for everything in one day. For those of you who feel people in the south move at a slower pace then you need to visit here. No one gets in a hurry and time is somewhat irrelevant.  We took the fridge back to the apartment I meet my new neighbors, Erica and Holly. So I could start to get to know them we invited them to dinner at Café Eden (you will hear lots about this place). Chris and I decided to order what Erica order. It was a bowl of rice with carrots, bamboo shots, homemade pickles, beef, and a few other things topped with a fried egg. After adding the chili jam that accompanied, it was quite tasty. We all sat and talked for awhile, then walked back to the hotel for a early night.
Today we planned to get up and so to church at the Rapha House, but as Chris realized how much he and I needed to cover before him leaving for Phnom Penh at 1, we figured it would be best to not go. This means I will get to go next week and meet everyone there!! Chris and I went back to Café Eden for coffee, breakfast and lots of talk and planning. This was a very productive time. After lots of discussion and a few changes in circumstances we decided to change plan of what/when I will be doing the task I set out to do. We will be taken the girls who have been in the program since February and opening the restaurant with them as employees. The target date for grand opening is Feb 1 2012, if not before. Then fine tune the restaurant until July. In July we will have 12 new girls enrolled and teach them the full culinary training. So my tasks from now til Feb is to get the restaurant site ready for business, while getting the girls ready to cook and serve the menu.
Once we got all this figured out, we set out for some more shopping. We were very successful, finding couch, chairs, table, clothes closet, bath shelf, trash can, water, and a few snacks. Then back to the apartment, to make a house a home.

There are a few pictures of my place as I get it setup.
Sitting area I might move it around but this is what it looks like now.


Kitchen, I need a hot plate, dishes and a few things like that. I will be doing most of my cooking at the restaurant, so a lot isn’t needed.

Bathroom. Yes you see the toilet (left), shower (center), and sink(left). They are about multi tasking here J

The outside

 Well I better wrap things up. I’m going to eat dinner at Holly’s then need to plan for the week.
Thanks for all the love, prayer and support!!
Love Ya, Ry

Things to be in prayer for:
My health, I expect to get sick soon, just that I get over it quickly.
The Girls, as thing are about to change quickly, also that relationships will start to form quickly.
Buth La and Ly Pula (house parents) for us to come together, in work and commutation.
For me to be able to manage and understand time here. 

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