Monday, December 12, 2011

Cold Season

Today when we went to the market the girls were freezing. We when through and got all the meats and veggies we need for the week. The girls told me we needed more rice. We decided to save money and buy a 50K bag. Normally the girls carry the bags and won't let me, but this time they were more then willing to let me carry. Since it's heavier then some of them. When I got to the tuk tuk the girls were not behind me. As I waited on them I bought my first street food. It was mashed banana that is deep fried. It was tasty, but didn't agree with my stomach :/
When the girls returned this is what I saw. They had gone to buy hats and scarfs, since they were so cold. I asked how much they cost, 1,000R (or $0.25). If anyone would like one, I can send it to you. Once we got back to the school, I looked up the temp. Any guesses on how cold it is. The low for the day is 21C and high is 26C (70-80F). Yup and they are dressed as if we're going to snow. I have to say I was a little cold this morning.
After the market, we went to see the bread man. I needed to taste and see if he can make some of the breads we need. I think we will buy some of the bread and make some, then after we get the hang of things make it all. We also stopped by the place to get Internet for me. By the time we got back to school it was almost time for lunch. So I decided to let them just cook What they wanted for lunch and move all the plans back a day. While a few girls worked on lunch, Nimol and I worked on bread. She loves making bread and is good at it. I'm thinking about having her be my bread maker once the restaurant opens.
Last week we did a lot of cleaning. I told them they if they work hard and keep the place clean, I would take them to get ice cream today. Which they did. So at lunch I explained what the rest of the day would look like. Clean up lunch, study English while meet with the builder, then go get ice cream. The builders got here about 20mins after lunch, I went to talk with them. When I finished, I went over to the area where they study english, but no one was there. I start looking around and find them in the room asleep. This was very disappointing. So being typical me, I then knock on the metal door. They wake up quickly. All I say is I thought we were studying English, this doesn't look like that. I go and sit in the area we study. About 20mims into Buth la teaching they ask isn't it time to get ice cream. I ha to reply to have to finish the english lesson first. They were silent.
Just a note, before I come they always took nap after lunch for a hour or so. Last week I let them do this, cause I normally had meetings and thought it was a Cambodian thing. When I asked Threay if this was tradition, she was like no, they are just lazy. So I had told them no naps from now on, and they understood why. Hence my disappointment.
After the English class finished, I took then to get ice cream. I had planned on taking them to a place where we could sit and eat, but since we didn't have much time we went to the market to get it. We got 9 cones for $3.75.

Funny story of the day. After We get back from ice cream it's time for the girls to go. I brought on computer today since the Internet isn't working at the house. I'm sitting in the dinning room working as one Solykasi came in and asked me if she could have me empty water bottle. Last week I took my nalgene of water every day, but since that was normally gone by 10:30, today a took 2 litters. I tell her yea she could have it. Then she starts to explain to me why she wanted the bottle. It went kinda like this. "I want to be fat, if I drink 2 litter of water every night like you I will be fat." With a straight face I say "So drinking water will make you fat?" She smiles and says "Yes I want to be like you."
Hahah I have to love the cultural differences.

I am debating if I want to cook dinner tonight or if I want to go eat. I need to cool for erica and holly, since they both have cooked for me. Its only fair.

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