Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am living the Dream


It hit me today I'm living the dream. 
I have a driver to take me anywhere I need to go. It might not be in a Cadi, but its in the nicest tuk tuk on the streets.
I have a big ex chair. It might not be a lazyboy, but it has arm rest big enough for my liter water bottle, an the perfect angle to use my remote. 
Thats the remote to my air condition this is rarely on.  
I drop my laundry off at the end of the day it's folded/ironed. Not washed by the newest front loading Washer and Dryer, but hand washed by a hard working women. 
I don't have to wake up to the awful noise of an alarm clock. I'm awakened daily by wedding music at 5am. Or I get to snooze, for the roster get me up no later then 6:12.
I go to the open air market daily. There are chefs who would pay big money to be able serve meals that was as fresh as the day is old. 
I get to use my talents daily, as I teach cooking. All the students are eager to learn, which most teachers would love to have. 
I'm living in a place that people care about other, they will sit and talk to you for hours, even if they get behind for the day or it makes them late for an appointment. Its so stress free, (once I let go of the American way).
I have a support system who will be there no matter the time I call, day or night (since there is a major time difference).
I know that this is what Has been planned for me, and knowing that its so freeing!

The only downfall is some of the people closest to my heart are not here with me!!

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