Saturday, January 7, 2012


WOW Im tired.
                                  WOW Im excited.
WOW There is lots of work to be done.
WOW God is working!

This week flew by. Sunday I spent a lot of time costing the menu, since there was no church because of the New Year. A task I started on Thursday thinking it would not take me long, well it did. I didn’t think about having to convert many of the recipes before I could cost them. That afternoon I had been invited to an English church service. It was good to be able to understand and worship. There were only 8 people there because it’s a new service.
Monday we hit the work week hot and heave. Chris was coming to Battambang and bringing 5 people with him. I know that having a group here would be a great experience for the girls. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we prep select items for the menu that we would be having while the group was here. In the afternoons we worked service and making smoothies. Katy and Allen got here mid afternoon on Wed. After the girls greeted them, they were more than willing to let the girls practice serving. I always enjoy being able to spend time with Katy and Allen. We went to Café Eden for dinner and were able to sit and talk for awhile that night. Thursday morning they decided to come to the training center for breakfast, so the girls would be able to practice real timing. The group arrived for lunch. The girls were excited but nervous as well, to have to serve the group. The girls did a good job for this being their first time really working with “costumers.”
Thursday afternoon was filled with things do, places to go and people to see. First was for Chris and I to meet with a young lady and her mother about the girl joining the program. I have met her mom a couple weeks ago. She cleans my neighbor’s house and as I locking my door one morning I turn around and she was there. Mind you I live in a pretty quite area, and not many people are around early in the morning. Thank the Lord that Ly Phalla had come with Bouth La to pick me out or I would not have been able to speak with her. Any way she talks me she has a daughter who want to study cooking and could she come learn at the training center. Only being here a month I had no idea how to handle the situation. I explain to her that I am unsure and I will have to talk with my boss. She also asked me if I need help cleaning my house. It is very common to have a house helper here. I tell her sure, show her around my apartment, and hand her a key. I get she number and tell her once I talk with my boss I would call her. On the way to the school I called Threay, to ask how to I handle this. She tells me to see if I can meet the girl, go to her house and try to figure out ‘her story.’ The week before I was able to hear Threay and Katy working on the stories of a few new girl in the Daughters Project, this helped me to know what kind of questions to ask. So I went to her house, met the family, and got some of the info. I wrote it up and sent to Threay. So we meet with the girl and her mom, and decided that she was a good fit for the program. She asked when did she start, Chris tells her tomorrow if she want to. I thought to myself, tomorrow really. She speaks no English, and I knew Friday was going to be busy, why he couldn’t have said Monday. It all worked out, she was able to see how we do things and started to get to know the girls. On Friday we gave her a bike to be able to get to school, we provide all the girls with one. She was so excited, the family does have a bike or moto, and they walk or find rides. It’s wonderful see how God connects people together. I am excited to see her grow and change for a very shy young lady with very little confidence to someone has a skill, whom believes in herself, and understands that she is loved by her heavenly father.
The rest of Thursday afternoon we went to the two orphanages some of our girls live, and to Nimol’s house. This gave the group a change to meet some to the girl’s families, and see where they come from. Nine of us went to dinner at La Vila, the nicest restaurant in Battambang. It was good I was able to meet and get to know them. Nathan and Whitney, they both work for CGI in America. Nathan does all the office, and keeps CGI organized, at the rate its growing is not an easy task. Whitney is over ByTavi. Jamie and Jeremy, a couple from Indy who were checking what CGI is doing in Cambodia, they are a sweet couple. I am sure they will be back, it might just be for a visit or for a longer time, we will see. The rest of the nine where Katy, Allen, Threay, Chris and myself.
Friday morning came early. When I got to the restaurant (20mins earlier then most Fridays) all the girls were there and already cooking breakfast. We cook and served breakfast. Then the girls fix some sweets for the group as they had a 5+ hour ride ahead of them. Chris and I took this time to catch up and make sure we are on the same page. The group went to the mountain. They returned a little after noon, said their goodbyes and headed to Phnom Penh. I sat down as the girls cleaned up the kitchen, I felt like to was nine o’clock at night. I had noticed that many of the girls didn’t have all the recipes written down, I gave them a list of recipes they each needed. I knew that at least one girl had each of the recipes, so they have to work together to get them all. I headed out to run earns and pick tile to the bathroom.
The girls really benefited from Thursday and Friday. I think they finally understand the importance of serving and also working on their English daily. We have month or less til the restaurant opens. I feel really good that we will be ready.

Tomorrow I am headed to Phnom Penh. All the people working with CGI is meeting on Monday and maybe Tuesday. We will be discussing 2012, things we need to improve on, and just get everyone on the same page so we can more effetely do what God has called us to do.

Please be in prayer for this meeting. Be praying for the girls I am working with as we make the final push to open the restaurant that they form a closer bond together, and they are able to learn and understand the things they need to know. 

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