Thursday, January 26, 2012

Praising God in Smelly Water

Today I decided we needed to figure out what Khmer dishes we are going to have on the menu. I tell the girls I wanted them to cook their best Khmer dish. The only stipulations I gave was no boiled eggs, no fish paste, and I wanted one vegetarian dish and sent them to the market. I had the change to have some quality FaceTime with my brother!! Then I began working on the POS System (point of sale) in the dining room. I heard water dripping. I get up to see what it is, my feet get wet from all the water. I guess I was so focused on the computer I did not notice til it was bad and I then realize the sink was backed up. I went into the kitchen to find Mr. Den; I notice all the sinks had the same problem. We quickly figure out the tanks were full. Call to have them emptied; as we are waiting I look at the pipes. (Unlike in America pipes, most pipes on people’s property are above ground) The pipes that carry the waste to the tank are on an incline and small, this was causing some of our problem. I talk with Den and he tells me he can run pipes so that they were on a decline and able to drain. So for $50 we ran new pipes that will drain the right way. We also had the tanks emptied and flushed out.

I found myself praising God have this happened now instead of in a month or so, when the restaurant is open. We would have had to close for the day. Also praising him that the pipes are above ground and were able to be fixed quickly. If this would have happened in the states I would have freaked out and let it ruin my day. Instead I stood in awe of God’s timing.

It didn’t faze the girls. They were all on a mission to cook a great dish. For lunch we some of the best chicken curry I have every eaten, wonderful veggie stir fry, and egg dish that have smoked fish (Not my favorite, but had good flavor), and stuffed spicy frogs!! I have to brag on them a bit, everything was great. I was very pleased.

Last week we started having a daily Bible study. It is going great, the girls really seem to enjoy it, and they are asking questions. I started in Genesis, since they have very limited knowledge of the bible or Christianity. We have normally been covering a chapter a day. As we finished the chapter and I get ready to pray they asked if we could continue and cover more than one chapter, I gladly when on. This excited me so, and with all the events of the day I had only planned to review, before English time.

Tomorrow I am going to give the girls alittle test. I plan on giving them all an item to cook that we have covered and they should know. Then Ly Phalla and I are going to do things around town, and see what happens. I am hoping they will pull together, work as a team, and come out with great products. I'll let you know how it goes!!

Things to Pray about:
      As we continue studying the bible, that girls will ask questions are they are able to see God and his wonderful love. Having Buddhist back grounds the spiritual side of this will be challenging, as well.
      I am going to Phnom Penh the first of the week, Pray this trip will be productive and I am able to make the connections and find the items needed.
Thanks for all the support and prayers!! 

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