Friday, January 13, 2012


Some day I feel like I am not taking time to experience and learn the culture. Then others I stop and think to myself where am I and what am I doing. On those days I am normally smacked in the face with culture. Tonight was one of those nights. About a week ago I saw people were setting up a stage and looked to be fair type stuff near my house. I asked the girls what was going on, they tell me its going to be a concert. A few of them got excited and asked if I wanted to go, without thinking I say sure. This week has been a busy up-down week, and I totally forgot about the concert. Then today as the girls are leaving they ask me about going. I wanted to say no really bad, but I knew I needed to go and let them see me relaxed.

So we head to the field for the concert, we got there before it started. I seemed relaxing. I walked around, there was 2 fessis wheels (one fast and one slow) all kinds of dart and ball toss games. As I looked at the prizes it starts to hit me, I'm in a different place. The prizes were shoes, rice cookers, cooking oil, note books, bottles of soda, all things you would never see as prizes in the states. The closest thing to fair food was kettle corn, most venders were selling meat on a stick, boiled eggs on stick, crickets, steamed buns, no funnel cakes, corn dogs, lemonade, or turkey legs. Its time for the music to start. The first group was a boy band, I felt like they were a mix between river dancers and disco, quite odd. The next was a girl singing with backup dancers, then a guy who look like and asian Justin Bieber.

The girls told me the concert lasted til 11. I think by the look on my face they knew we were not going to stay that long. As we were leaving I realize the amount of people. It was crazy, I bet there where over 100,000 people. I can say that today I had my fair share of culture!! There is another concert tomorrow night, I will prob pass, but who knows. 

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