Thursday, April 5, 2012


"Every dad should teach his daughter to ride a bike."

I think it’s time for a funny story. I have a confession, as a child I never learned to ride a bike. My grandfather bought me a really nice pink bicycle. I have never liked pink, it’s too sissy for me. When I was young I was very stuck in my ways, and I refused to ride the pink bike. So I gave it to the neighbor and rode my blue scooter. This really had not been a problem until now. The main way to get around is by Moto. I thought it can’t be that hard, so I bought a moto. Needless to say it was much harder than I expected. I am naturally clumsy and do not have good balance, in return making the process to learn how to drive the moto even harder. I had taken it out to the ‘air port’ a couple times to drive and practice. Until now I had a tuk tuk and a driver to take me where ever I needed to go, but now I am on my own. So this morning I get up alittle early and headed to work. We had a hard rain last night making the roads muddy and rough, but I did well. Granite there was no one else on the road at 6am. Once I made it to the main street, I start to think thing is fun and I can do it. I began to slow down, or basically stop to turn in and the moto tips to the right. I got it stood back up quickly, and it tips to the left. As I am standing it back up again, I grab the gas instead of the break. Needless to say I was the entertainment for the neighbors. I have a little road rash on my hand and knee. Once I got the moto parked and I cleaned up, Ly Phalla sweetly tells me “it’s ok if you fall a few more time you will get the hang of it, or maybe a 4-wheeler would be better for you.” Haha I love how kind and encouraging she is.
I will get the hang of it or I might be in the market for a 4-wheeler.

I have everyone is having a wonderful week!!

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