Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cold Shower by Candle Light

I have always been one who enjoyed to simple pleasures in life rather then the big elaborate things. This has not changes living half way around the world.
One of the simple things I miss is sitting outside with a group of people and just chilling. Its always calming, and relaxing. Many problems or big choices in life  have been made in this type setting.
I thinks biggest simple joy is a nice long hot shower. Every since bathing down stream of cows in a creek near the Black Sea almost 10 years ago, I always enjoy my time in the shower. I mean really think about it, there isn't much that compares to a nice hot shower.
Here in Cambodia I have a hot water for my shower. No where else in my apartment has hot water. Which I am perfectly fine with. If I can only have hot water come out of one place, I would choice the shower without thinking twice.
Well tonight is the second time the power has gone out in my three months of living here. They say it goes off for many different reasons. Sometimes they cut it off in parts of the city because they were using to much, other times it goes put for line repair, and stuff like that. It can be off for mins, hours, or even days. The first time I experienced this it was only for a couple hours. This time the whole city is without power and who knows how long it will be out.
So naturally when I get hot after sweeting all day the first thing i do is take a shower each night. Tonight was unlike any other. I get a big ice cold bottle of water, chug half of it, sit it on the counter and head to shower. It was dusk at this point I walk in shut the door and realize I can't see. Thankfully the first this Chris made me buy once getting to Battambang was a small battery light. I found it and took my shower with it. I have to say no matter how hot I get, it still enjoy at least a luke warm shower. Oh well I made it and my sure there will be many more as rainy season comes along.

This makes think of all the people in the world who have never has the pleasure of standing under never ending water to clean themselves. Or all the people who don't have clean water to drink let alone to bath in. Something that seems so simple to me, would be huge to more then two-thirds the world.
Tonight or in the morning when you are just standing under the hot water, say alittle prayer to thank God that you are one of the chosen people who have clean hot water to use. I know that God has richly blessed me.

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." Luke 12:48

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